2018 Summer Camp Registration and Schedule

Specialty Camps

CI Summer Camp 2018 Lineup (SD)

Music Classes:
We have 2 music classes with wonderful teachers. In Music Camp, students will learn music theory, writing, piano, and violin. In Music Box, students will learn flute, guitar, recorder, and ukulele!
Art Classes:
We have 3 art classes with our fantastic art teacher, Trisha Neubrand. Ceramics Classes:  In ceramics class, kids explore clay hand building, sculpting, and glazing techniques. Pieces will be kiln fired and sent home each week. Drawing Classes: Drawing classes offer basic drawing skills and a new lesson each week. Lessons include perspective, portraits, still life, value and shading, cartooning, line/pattern and composition skills.  
Students learn how a jury trial works and then conclude class by performing a mock trial themselves. Discussion and explanations of conducting  a trial by jury; Discuss the jobs needed to conduct trial plaintiff, plaintiff’s lawyer, defendant, defendant’s lawyer, witnesses, judge and jury, court reporter, bailiff; Discuss facts, summarize roles, decision options for jury
 Structure of trial: *Opening argument   * Testimony   *Closing argument   *Deliberations  *Jury decision
Finger knitting is a fun and easy craft for children as young as 3 or 4 years old.  The finished product can be made into a variety of play things.  All you need is fingers and yarn!
 Basic knitting with needles: Students will learn basic knitting terminology, how to cast on, the knit stitch, how to bind off and knit their own scarf!  Students will learn to use bamboo needles.
Discussion and examples of right and wrong; Consequences of wrong actions and crimes; General explanation and discussion of our legal and justice system in the United States and what makes it a great process; Students conclude class with writing a crime story complete with illustrations
Other Enrichment Classes
We have plenty of other exciting classes this summer! In Cooking Around the World, students learn about nutrition and exercise; in Health Science, students learn about their bodies and how to be healthy; in Manners, students learn why manners are important; and in Writing, students learn all about how to improve their writing!