Spring 2017 San Diego’s Best Tree Table Tennis Team and Singles Championship

May 5–7, 2017 (Fri - Sun)

After School Learning Tree

11525 Sorrento Valley Road

San Diego, CA 92121

Sponsored by:  After School Learning Tree

Tournament Directors / Umpires / Referees:  Earl Alto, John Alto, and David Miller

Equipment:  Joola 3000sc tables, Nittaku 40+ Premium 3 star Japanese balls, and professional red mat flooring will be provided for every court.

Entry Deadline:  April 28, 2017. Entries must be received and paid for by this date. NO EXCEPTION. Hand in all entry forms and payment to David Miller. See bottom of page for form.

Rules:  All ITTF and ASLT rules will be applied during this tournament with no exceptions.

-- All USATT regulations, including equipment, conduct, dress, and language apply. The 6” toss rule will especially be enforced. Must meet any age requirements by May 5th.

-- All matches are 11 pt. games, best 3 out of 5 games.

-- 2 minute warm-up rule before match will apply.

-- The most recent USATT/SDTTA rating will be used, or whatever rating the organizers deem appropriate for each player.

-- Players must be at their tables when their events start. All decisions by the tournament referee & committee are final. Running on time will be the top priority to the event staff and we will not hesitate to default anyone, without refund, who is not on time.

-- Events may be cancelled or combined if needed. Fees will be refunded if cancelled.

-- Every player participating in the team event must wear the same color shirts as their teammates.

-- Only one player will come out from each round robin group, except in the team events.

Exclusions: We reserve the right to reject any entries.

Event Name Event Date Event Time Event Fee Estimated Event Time Frame 1st Place Prize 2nd Place Prize
U1700 Friday 5/5 4:30pm $20 2-5 hours Trophy Trophy
U2100 Friday 5/5 7:30pm $20 2-5 hours Trophy Trophy
U1000 / Unrated Friday 5/5 7:30pm $20 2-5 hours Trophy Trophy
Men's Open Saturday 5/6 9:30am $20 2-5 hours $100 / Trophy Trophy
U1500 Saturday 5/6 9:30am $20 2-5 hours Trophy Trophy
10 and Under Saturday 5/6 12:00pm $20 2-5 hours Trophy Trophy
U1300 Saturday 5/6 1:30pm $20 2-5 hours Trophy Trophy
U1900 Saturday 5/6 4:30pm $20 2-5 hours Trophy Trophy
Women's Open Saturday 5/6 4:30pm $20 2-5 hours $100 / Trophy Trophy
U6000 3 Persons Sunday 5/7 9:30am $60 per team, or $20 per player All Day Event $180 / Trophy Trophy


To enter, please fill out the entry form and hand with cash or check (made payable to After School Learning Tree) to David Miller. If you have any questions, please call David Miller at (858) 345-7041.