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After School Learning Tree Table Tennis Club

the Mayor of San Diego, Assemblyman Brain Maienschein and the Congressman Scott Peters honored November 24 as “After School Learning Tree Day”

 In 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2019 won the North Coast Reader ’s “Best Of The Best” Best for Tutoring Services bronze, silver and gold awards

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Limited Class Size with 12 Students Maximum
If you are dropping your kids to Learning Tree, then please DO NOT attend any medium-large parties, such as Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties and other Social Events…

We know it’s painful, but let’s work hard and overcome it together!!



 We can start doing it from ourselves, and then trust others, then the safer situation may bring our kids back to their Normal Lives.
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Amazing mOMENTs

What are students saying about us.......

Both my parents and I like Ms. Dorman’s Classes a lot. In her class, I improved on summaries, compare and contrast, and grammar. She really make an impact on my writing.
Christina Tian
5th Grade
I enjoyed attending Ms. Dorman’s classes because she is always ready to teach us something new. Every Wednesday felt different in your class and I always came home learning new information. Is has been an honor to learn from her.
Antony Kim
5th Grade
The math here was excellent and put me ahead the math in school for at least a grade. I had fun in PingPong, Math, and English, and so on. I believe that ASLT has prepared me more for middle school than school could have.
Owen Kwan
6th Grade
Extra education with Mr. Saad Jabro has helped me beyond measure. Mr. Saad Jabro is the best teacher.
6th Grade
My learning tree experience was amazing and it I learn extra math which will help me in the middle school.
6th Grade

After School Learning Tree Alumni

After School Learning Tree has a very special place in my heart - it was my home away from home, and I can truly say that I grew up with the school. I have been with ASLT since the very beginning (back in '04!'). I'm so proud of all that we've accomplished.
Liyang Li
UC Berkeley
I am now working as a product manager after graduating from Harvard back in 2016. I am grateful for the friends I made and the different extracurriculars I was exposed to at After School Learning Tree.
Michelle Xie
Harvard University
I have many fond memories of this school— from playing table tennis, taking art classes, and fighting for my fair share of Otter Pops to volunteering and helping oversee field trips. I remember when ASLT used to be the size of a couple of rooms serving only a couple dozen students.
Winn Cui
UC Berkeley
I graduated from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business in 2016 and currently work in Global Business Development at an education technology startup. When I think of After School Learning Tree, I think of the many fond memories I formed there in my childhood. I now work in the education field and understand first-hand how important education really is — the value that ASLT brings to its students and community can't be understated.
Maggie Yang
UC Berkeley
Emily Zhou
Johns Hopkins University